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Finally, a proven solution for Alcohol Flush Reaction

Essential AD2 is the ONLY product clinically proven to relieve Alcohol Flush Reaction (Asian Glow). Unlike Pepcid and other antacids, which can actually cause harm, Essential AD2 addresses the root of the problem: Acetaldehyde.

Essential AD2

Thousands of customers benefit from Essential AD2 every day.

For ALDH2 Deficiency. Essential AD2 fights Alcohol Flush Reaction and, more importantly, the toxins that cause it. Save 20% when you subscribe!


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How should I take my Essential AD2?

Take Essential AD2 daily, like a vitamin. Why every day? The beneficial compounds in Essential AD2 build up, increasing the protection from Alcohol Flush Reaction. Learn how Essential AD2 works.

How should I take my Essential AD2?

What does Essential AD2 do?

Enjoy your night and feel better, with Essential AD2

Reduce the racing heart, the overheating, the flushing, and the nausea, and enjoy your night in a healthier way. See Testimonials from people just like you.

Enjoy your night and feel better, with Essential AD2

How can Essential AD2 help you?

The healthy choice for Alcohol Flush Reaction

If you experience Alcohol Flush Reaction, that means you have a genetic condition called ALDH2 Deficiency, which goes far beyond just turning red when drinking. Learn how Essential AD2 improves your health.

The healthy choice for Alcohol Flush Reaction

Essential AD2 and your health.

Who we are and why we care.


Dr. Ken Fujioka, MD

Dr. Fujioka is a human metabolism and nutrition expert and the head of Metabolic Research at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California. Dr. Fujioka has conducted numerous clinical trials in the area of metabolism and nutrition and has 49 published articles in the field.


Dr. Helen Hu, MD

Dr. Hu holds both a Medical Doctorate and an Oriental Medical Degree, and is a Traditional Chinese Medicine expert. Dr. Hu is passionate about ALDH2 Deficiency becasue it has tremendous impact on the health of over 40% of East Asians.


Spencer Gordon, Founder

Spencer began working on a solution to Alcohol Flush Reaction and ALDH2 Deficiency in 2011 while researching biochemistry at UC Berkeley and went on a mission to provide a clinically proven product for a massive problem.


Amy Chang, CEO

Amy is personally passionate about Essential AD2, as she is also ALDH2 Deficient, and experiences Alcohol Flush Reaction. She knows Essential AD2 can improve the health of so many just like her.

Essential AD2 is improving the lives of people like you.

I would always get asian glow even after having one beer. After taking Essential AD2 for a few days, I would still get a little bit red but my head wasn't throbbing anymore and I didn't feel like dying. After a few more weeks on Essential AD2, I feel almost perfectly normal and can actually go out to bars with my friends without worrying about my glow.

- Jason W.

I always feel really sick when I drink on nights out and I decided to buy Essential AD2 once people were concernned about my intense rashing after a few drinks. It has helped reduce these symptoms and also make me feel like i am doing what I can to reduce the dangers of drinking when I have to at social events! Would recommend and I am buying another bottle now!

- Katrina G.
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