Essential AD2

Patented & clinically proven for ALDH2 Deficiency
  • Clears the toxins that cause Alcohol Flush
  • Improves liver health & function


How does it work?

Take a look at our published clinical research.


If you turn red when drinking alcohol, Essential AD2 will improve your long-term health by protecting you from the toxins that cause alcohol flush.


Make health a part of your daily routine.


ALDH2 Deficiency

Turning red when drinking alcohol (Alcohol Flush) is the sign of a genetic mutation called ALDH2 Deficiency. Those with ALDH2 Deficiency can't break down the toxins that cause Alcohol Flush. Essential AD2 is clinically proven to help clear these toxins. As a result, Essential AD2 alleviates Alcohol Flush Reaction and improves liver health.

Supporting ALDH2 Deficiency helps with more than just drinkingALDH2 Deficiency can lead to long-term health risks like cancer and liver disease. Essential AD2 helps in small ways, like letting you enjoy that beer after work, and helps in big ways, like keeping you healthy year after year.

What's this toxin?

It's called acetaldehyde, and those with ALDH2 Deficiency can’t break it down, which causes it to accumulate. And it isn't just found in alcohol. It is the main toxin in air pollution and smoke, and is found in common foods including fruits, coffee, yogurt, fermented and processed foods.

People with ALDH2 Deficiency can’t break down the toxin called acetaldehyde, which can build up to dangerous levels. We are exposed to acetaldehyde everyday through our lifestyles. Acetaldehyde is a carcinogen, which means it can cause cancer. It is found in alcohol, air pollution, smoke, and common foods including fresh fruits, coffee, yogurt, fermented and processed foods.

Fight 'Asian Glow' by putting your health first.

Alcohol Flush Reaction is a visual indicator of high accumulation of acetaldehyde and ALDH2 Deficiency.

Do you have ALDH2 Deficiency? Find out.

ALDH2 Deficiency is genetic, and you can have a single or double mutation. Find out for sure by taking a DNA test.

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