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Asian Flush is the sign of a broken enzyme and serious liver damage when drinking. Essential AD2 is the only product clinically proven to support this broken enzyme. Essential AD2 is your daily solution to improving liver health and function, and reducing Asian Flush.

When taken daily, Essential AD2 keeps you more comfortable, and your liver healthy.

“I had simply stopped drinking alcohol in any quantity whatsoever. I have been using AD2 daily and I am able to have 1 or 2 cocktails or beers without any negative reactions. So nice to be able to do a little light social drinking of alcohol without taking a sick day after 1 beer.” -Loyd Towe

How does it work? Check out the clinical results.

1. Clears the toxins that cause Asian Flush by up to 49%, protecting you from damage.

2. Improves Liver Function Tests, which are indicators of liver damage and disease.

Supporting your broken enzyme helps with more than just drinking

Asian Flush can lead to long-term health risks like cancer and liver disease. Essential AD2 helps in small ways, like letting you enjoy that beer after work, and helps in big ways, like keeping you healthy year after year.

Make health a part of your daily routine with Essential AD2