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About ALDH2 Deficiency

What is ALDH2 Deficiency?

ALDH2 Deficiency is a genetic disorder passed down from parents to their children. Those with ALDH2 Deficiency are unable to break down a toxic carcinogen called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde has numerous sources, the most common of which is alcohol.

How do I know if I have ALDH2 Deficiency?

The simplest way to know if you have ALDH2 Deficiency, is if you turn red in the face when drinking alcohol. This is called Alcohol Flush Reaction. If you do not drink, or are too young to drink, a simple genetics test can tell you if you are ALDH2 Deficient. Since ALDH2 Deficiency is genetic, if your parents experience Alcohol Flush Reaction, it is likely you have ALDH2 Deficiency as well. For more information please go to ‘How Do I know if I have ALDH2 Deficiency?’

What are the health risks of ALDH2 Deficiency?

Those with ALDH2 Deficiency are at significantly increased risk of diseases like cancer and liver disease. This is due to continued exposure to the acetaldehyde toxin. For more information, visit http://aldh2deficiency.com/health-risks/

How common is ALDH2 Deficiency?

It is estimated that over 1 billion people globally have ALDH2 Deficiency. This includes about 40% of all people of East Asian descent. However, individuals of any ethnicity can have ALDH2 Deficiency. You can find out for sure by taking an ALDH2 gene test.

What should I avoid if I have ALDH2 Deficiency?

Those with ALDH2 Deficiency should avoid or limit exposure to the major sources of acetaldehyde. These include cigarette smoke, air pollution, certain foods and beverages, and alcohol. For more information on the sources of acetaldehyde visit ‘Sources of Acetaldehyde.’

Does ALDH2 Deficiency affect me if I don't drink alcohol?

Yes. While alcohol is the single largest source of acetaldehyde at a given time, we are constantly exposed to acetaldehyde through other sources like air pollution and foods. In addition, acetaldehyde is even produced inside our bodies, and low levels are always circulating in the blood.

What is 'Double ALDH2 Deficiency'?

For every gene, we have 2 copies. This means we have 2 copies of the ALDH2 gene. It only takes one of these copies to be mutated for an individual to have ALDH2 Deficiency and experience Alcohol Flush Reaction. About 10% of individuals have Double ALDH2 Deficiency, or 2 mutated ALDH2 genes. These individuals have an even lower ability to metabolize acetaldehyde and should limit alcohol consumption and other sources of acetaldehyde as much as possible. For more information on Double ALDH2 Deficiency, visit ‘Is It Possible to Have ‘Double Asian Glow’?’

How can you tell if you have a single or double mutated ALDH2 gene?

Those with Double ALDH2 Deficiency experience even more intensifies Alcohol Flush Reaction, often after very little alcohol consumption. The only definitive way to tell if you have 2 mutated ALDH2 genes is to get a genetics test, which will tell you if you have a single or double mutation. This is important because in addition to being more vulnerable to acetaldehyde, those with Double ALDH2 Deficiency will always pass a mutated gene to their children, and all of their children will have ALDH2 Deficiency.

About Alcohol Flush Reaction

What is Alcohol Flush Reaction?

Alcohol Flush Reaction is a group of symptoms that occurs when those with ALDH2 Deficiency consume alcohol, the most noticeable of which is intense red flushing of the face and skin. These symptoms can often also include headache, increased heart rate, overheating, itchiness, a stuffy nose, dizziness, nausea, and intensified hangover symptoms.

What is Asian Flush or Asian Glow?

Asian Flush and Asian Glow are two nicknames for Alcohol Flush Reaction. They all refer to the same reaction. People may use these terms because ALDH2 Deficiency, and therefore Alcohol Flush Reaction, is most common in individuals of East Asian descent, however, ALDH2 Deficiency and the symptoms of Alcohol Flush Reaction can occur in all ethnicities.

What causes Alcohol Flush Reaction?

Alcohol Flush Reaction is caused by very high levels of the acetaldehyde toxin in the body. Alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde in the body, and acetaldehyde is normally broken down safely and quickly. Those with ALDH2 Deficiency are unable to breakdown the acetaldehyde, so it accumulates quickly, causing damage to proteins and DNA and causing the inflammation and redness of the face and skin.

Is Alcohol Flush Reaction an allergy?

Alcohol Flush Reaction is not technically an allergy. Acetaldehyde is a type of poison, and the symptoms of Alcohol Flush Reaction are caused by lots of this poison moving around the body, rather than the body mounting an immune response.

What if I only turn red when drinking certain types of alcohol?

If you only turn red when drinking certain types of alcohol, say red wine for instance, and never others, it is likely that you are not experiencing Alcohol Flush Reaction. Alcohol Flush Reaction is caused by breaking down the alcohol itself. If you do not experience any symptoms when drinking some types of alcoholic beverages, you might be reacting negatively to a different compound inside that particular alcohol.

About Acetaldehyde

What is acetaldehyde?

Acetaldehyde is a small, reactive molecule very similar in structure to formaldehyde, another toxic poison. Acetaldehyde is a Group 1 Human Carcinogen, which means it can cause cancer.

Where does acetaldehyde come from?

There are several major sources of acetaldehyde to be aware of. These include cigarette smoke, air pollution, certain foods and beverages, and alcohol. For more information on the sources of acetaldehyde visit ‘Sources of Acetaldehyde.’

Why is acetaldehyde dangerous?

Since acetaldehyde is so reactive, it can damage DNA and proteins inside our bodies. Continued damage to DNA is the primary cause of cancer. Acetaldehyde can also cause scarring in the liver that can lead to liver disease.

Why is acetaldehyde most noticeable when drinking alcohol?

When drinking, we are exposed to a lot of acetaldehyde at one time and the symptoms are very noticeable. Others may feel some of these symptoms when smoking a cigarette, as acetaldehyde is the most common toxin in cigarette smoke. Other sources, like air pollution or foods, expose us to lower amounts of acetaldehyde over longer periods of time, and largely go unnoticed. However, this continued exposure is can cause lots of damage over long periods of time.

About Essential AD2

What is Essential AD2?

Essential AD2 is a health product designed specifically for those with ALDH2 Deficiency. Essential AD2 is clinically proven to reduce the accumulation of the toxic compound acetaldehyde, which builds up and causes damage inside the body.

How do I take Essential AD2?

Take 2 tablets daily to relieve daily acetaldehyde exposure. To reduce Alcohol Flush Reaction, take an additional 2 tablets 45 minutes before drinking alcohol.

How many tablets are in a bottle of Essential AD2?

A bottle of Essential AD2 contains 70 tablets, a 1-month supply of 60 tablets, and 10 additional tablets to take 45 minutes prior to drinking alcohol.

Why do I need to take Essential AD2 everyday?

We are exposed to acetaldehyde everyday in our food, environment, and through our lifestyles. Acetaldehyde is also created inside the body in low concentrations. Taking Essential AD2 daily relieves this exposure. The beneficial compounds in Essential AD2 also need time to build-up to protect you from larger amounts of acetaldehyde, like when drinking alcohol or smoking.

Will Essential AD2 benefit me if I don't drink alcohol?

Yes. If you have ALDH2 Deficiency it is important to limit acetaldehyde exposure from all sources. Taken daily, Essential AD2 will protect you from the different sources of acetaldehyde.

Will Essential AD2 reduce Alcohol Flush Reaction?

Yes, Essential AD2 will significantly reduce the symptoms of Alcohol Flush Reaction, including facial redness, though it may not eliminate them completely. For maximum benefit, Essential AD2 should first be taken daily for up to 2 weeks. The symptoms of Alcohol Flush Reaction are caused by acetaldehyde accumulation, which Essential AD2 is clinically proven to limit.

Will Essential AD2 completely get rid of Alcohol Flush Reaction?

The more alcohol you drink, the more likely it is you will experience symptoms. Everyone is different. If you are going to casually drink 2-3 drinks, Essential AD2 is a great option, and will help the redness. Some will experience 'pinkness', but it should be a noticeable reduction. Other symptoms like increased heart rate, overheating, or nausea may also be significantly reduced. This is also a sign that Essential AD2 is protecting from the damage occurring in the body from acetaldehyde. Those who binge drink, or drink many alcoholic beverages in a short period of time, may still experience the symptoms of Alcohol Flush Reaction, as very high amounts of acetaldehyde are entering the body at once. It is strongly recommended that those with ALDH2 Deficiency not binge drink, as there is nothing that can protect from very high levels of the acetaldehyde toxin.

Does Essential AD2 work for people with Double ALDH2 Deficiency?

Those with Double ALDH2 Deficiency are more vulnerable to acetaldehyde and have even more intensified Alcohol Flush Reaction. It is very important for those with Double ALDH2 Deficiency to protect themselves from the sources of acetaldehyde. Essential AD2 will reduce acetaldehyde in those with Double ALDH2 Deficiency. For Alcohol Flush Reaction, because acetaldehyde levels are so high, individuals may experience reductions in symptoms, but not as significantly as those with only a single ALDH2 mutation.

Will Essential AD2 cure ALDH2 Deficiency?

No. ALDH2 Deficiency is a genetic mutation, and therefore cannot be cured. For continued protection from acetaldehyde, it is important to continue to take Essential AD2 daily, like a daily multivitamin. For more information, visit ‘Is there a cure for ALDH2 Deficiency?’

Can I take Essential AD2 only before drinking alcohol to reduce Alcohol Flush Reaction?

Taking 2 tablets of Essential AD2 45 minutes before drinking will reduce acetaldehyde accumulation and have benefit. However, for best results in relieving Alcohol Flush Reaction, Essential AD2 should be taken daily to allow for a build-up of protective compounds. In addition, Essential AD2 should be taken daily to alleviate daily acetaldehyde exposure in those with ALDH2 Deficiency.

If I take more Essential AD2, will I see a better result?

Taking more Essential AD2 will provide more protection from acetaldehyde. If you are consuming alcohol, you can take up to 4 tablets 45 minutes before drinking. All the ingredients are well below the recommended allowances, however, we recommend you do not take more than 6 in a day.

Can I take more tablets if I am drinking a lot?

If you are planning to drink a significant amount of alcohol, or you will be drinking over a long period of time, you can take another additional 2 tablets either before drinking, during drinking, or after drinking. We strongly recommend against binge drinking, especially for those with ALDH2 Deficiency. We also recommend not taking more than 6 tablets in a day.

I have heard of taking antacids before drinking to reduce redness, why is this not a good idea?

Antacids are not recommended or created for the purpose of reducing Alcohol Flush Reaction, and damage to the stomach can occur from taking antacids while consuming alcohol. This is not recommended by the medical community, nor the antacid makers. Antacids do not reduce acetaldehyde accumulation, which is responsible for the symptoms of Alcohol Flush Reaction, and damage inside the body. In addition, antacids can slow alcohol breakdown, causing increased intoxication.

What is a Nutrassential?

A nutrassential is a daily health product that corrects a nutritional or metabolic imbalance.

Will Essential AD2 reduce intoxication?

No. Essential AD2 will not decrease your level of intoxication. Delta Nutrassentials advocates that you please drink responsibly. Do not drink alcohol if you are not of age, pregnant, or suffer from alcoholism. Please do not drink and drive.

What are Essential AD2's active ingredients?

The ingredients in Essential AD2’s patent-pending formula are all found in nature and recognized as safe by the US FDA. They have been included in ideal concentrations to support ALDH2 Deficiency. Essential AD2's Proprietary Blend includes: Niacinamide, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Thiamine, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C.

Does Essential AD2 contain allergens or gluten?

No, Essential AD2 does not contain any known food allergens or gluten. In addition, Essential AD2 is caffeine free, sugar free, and soy free.

Can I take a daily multivitamin with Essential AD2?

Yes. You can take a daily multivitamin as well as Essential AD2.

Is it okay for me to take Essential AD2 if I am taking another health product with a same ingredient?

Essential AD2’s ingredients are all well below the recommended daily allowance. However, if you have concerns, we recommend you consult your doctor about taking multiple products with the same ingredient.

Will Essential AD2 affect my birth control?

No, there are no known interactions between Essential AD2 and birth control. If you have concerns we recommend you ask your physician before taking Essential AD2.

Can I take Essential AD2 on antibiotics?

There are no known interactions between Essential AD2 and antibiotics. If you have concerns we recommend you ask your physician before taking Essential AD2..

Shipping & Payments

Does Delta Nutrassentials offer Free Shipping?

Yes, we offer FREE SHIPPING on every domestic order in the United States. We charge a flat rate of only $5 for international orders.

How long does domestic shipping take to arrive?

Free domestic shipping takes 3-5 business days to arrive. However, carriers may have delays due to weather or other reasons, and delivery can take longer than 5 business days.

Does Delta Nutrassentials ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally to most countries worldwide for only $5.

How long does International Shipping take to arrive?

Depending on the destination country, international shipping typically takes 6-12 business days. However, depending on the customs policies and domestic couriers of your country, it may take extra time for the product to be released. Delta Nutrassentials does not have control over the customs policies in your country.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime by emailing or contacting us, or by going through your subscription confirmation email.

Do you offer refunds on product?

Delta Nutrassentials does not offer refunds on products that have been opened. Unopened returns will receive a full refund if they are returned within 60 days of purchasing the product.


Are your products FDA approved?

Dietary supplements do not require review and approval by the FDA. Essential AD2 is an over the counter dietary supplement and cannot be 'approved' by the FDA. However, the ingredients in Essential AD2 are all recognized as safe by the FDA, and are manufactured and packaged in an FDA inspected and approved facility that adhere to very strict standards.

Are your products regulated by the FDA?

As a dietary supplement, our packaging, labeling, ingredients and manufacturing quality are regulated by the FDA pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Is Essential AD2 safe?

Yes. Essential AD2 meets the strict safety standards of the US Dietary Health and Supplements Act and the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. As with all health products, it is recommended you carefully look over the ingredients and speak to your physician if you are concerned about taking the product.

Is Essential AD2 safe for children?

There are no known complications with any ingredients in Essential AD2 in children. All ingredients are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA.

Is Essential AD2 a drug?

No. Essential AD2 is a dietary supplement.

Where is Essential AD2 made?

Essential AD2 is manufactured in the United States of America in a facility that meets or exceeds all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Can I take Essential AD2 if I am taking other medications?

Delta Nutrassentials recommends you speak with your physician prior to taking Essential AD2 if you are taking other medication and are concerned about how they may interact. Essential AD2 is not recommended if you are diabetic, have thyroid disease, or are currently being treated for cancer.

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