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How Does Essential AD2 Work?
Taken daily, Essential AD2 helps to restore the natural activity of the ALDH2 Enzyme, clearing acetaldehyde from the body more quickly.

How does Essential AD2 work?


Take 2 tablets daily to alleviate acetaldehyde accumulation and improve liver health. If you consume alcohol, take an additional 2 tablets 45 minutes before drinking alcohol to alleviate Alcohol Flush Reaction and protect from acetaldehyde.

How Does Essential AD2 Work?

For people with ALDH2 Deficiency, Essential AD2 is a daily health supplement clinically proven to reduce the level of acetaldehyde in our bloodstream and improve liver function. Individuals with ALDH2 Deficiency have a mutated ALDH2 enzyme, and cannot properly break down acetaldehyde, a dangerous toxin found in sources like:

How Does Essential AD2 WorkLow levels of acetaldehyde are always circulating in the body. Essential AD2’s special combination and concentrations of ingredients in our AD2 Proprietary Blend work to reduce the amount of acetaldehyde circulating in the body in three ways.

1. Increases the activity of the mutated ALDH2 Enzyme. Individuals with ALDH2 Deficiency still produce the ALDH2 enzyme, but it does not function properly. AD2 helps boost the activity of the mutated enzyme.

2. Clears the acetaldehyde directly. Special antioxidants in AD2 react with the toxic acetaldehyde so that it can no longer cause damage in the body and can be safely cleared.

3. Boosts natural metabolism. Acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid in the liver. When it builds-up, acetic acid can hinder the breakdown of acetaldehyde. By clearing the acetic acid more quickly, Essential AD2 improves the rate at which acetaldehyde can be metabolized.

Essential AD2 Proprietary Blend

The ingredients in Essential AD2’s patent-pending formula are all found in nature and recognized as safe by the US FDA. They have been included in ideal concentrations to support ALDH2 Deficiency.

Essential AD2's Proprietary Blend includes: Niacinamide, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Thiamine, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C

Essential AD2 works