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Asian Glow Explained in 60-seconds

Asian Glow Explained in 60-seconds

Want to learn exactly how 'Asian Glow' works in just 60 seconds? Watch the video above!

"Asian Glow (or Asian Flush, or Alcohol Flush, or whatever you want to call it) in 60 seconds. 

Asian Glow is caused by a broken enzyme. So... what does that mean?

Turning red and feeling poorly when drinking is a warning sign that something is wrong.

Because of your broken enzyme, toxins are accumulating, and the redness is your body screaming out.

When you drink with a broken enzyme, toxins rise to levels 10-20 times higher than normal!

Why does that matter? Everyone knows drinking is good for you, but with a broken enzyme, drinking beer is like drinking 10. 2 is like 20.

This is why people who get Asian Glow are much more likely to develop liver disease and cancer.

This is where we come in. We developed Essential AD2 to support your broken enzyme.

Taken daily, Essential AD2 reduces the build-up of these toxins and improves liver health and function. 

In fact, Essential Ad2 is the only product ever proven to safely reduce these toxins.

Essential AD2 helps in small ways, like letting you enjoy that beer after work, and helps in big ways, like keeping you healthy year after year."