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3 Ways to Avoid ‘Asian Glow’ Through Your Lifestyle

3 Ways to Avoid ‘Asian Glow’ Through Your Lifestyle

Ways to avoid Asian Glow

The symptoms of Asian Glow, also called Alcohol Flush Reaction, can be very uncomfortable. Since Asian Glow is caused by the genetic mutation called ALDH2 Deficiency, there is no cure. However, there are some lifestyle adjustments that can safely reduce these symptoms.

In general, those with ALDH2 Deficiency should limit the amount of alcohol they consume, as Asian Glow is a sign of the toxin acetaldehyde accumulating in the body and causing damage. However, for many people, drinking alcohol is a normal part of life and it is possible to enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverages safely.

Here are three tips that will help to limit the symptoms of Asian Glow safely.

1. Exercise.

You may have noticed that when you exercise more, you experience less Asian Glow. The reason is that we are able to break down acetaldehyde more effectively when we have less energy. To breakdown acetaldehyde, we need something called NAD. When NAD is high, we can better metabolize acetaldehyde. NAD is a measure of how much energy we have. When we eat a lot and don’t exercise, NAD is low, and we are going to have a tougher time breaking down acetaldehyde, which means more Asian Glow. When we exercise, we replenish NAD, increasing our ability to breakdown acetaldehyde. 

Takeaway: Going to be drinking Friday night? Exercise that morning or a good amount that week and you’ll have an increased ability to breakdown acetaldehyde and decrease your Asian Glow.

2. Eat right.

Like exercise, the food we eat also affects our NAD levels. When we eat high calorie meals, our body is full of energy, and we have low NAD. To process acetaldehyde most effectively, low calorie meals should be eaten before drinking. However, it isn’t good to drink on an empty stomach. For best results, it is good to eat meals rich in vegetables and proteins. Additionally, drink plenty of water, as staying hydrated will dilute the concentration of acetaldehyde floating around in our blood.

Takeaway: Eating high fiber, lower calorie meals with plenty of water before drinking alcohol will dampen your Asian Glow.

3. Drink smart.

First, the more alcohol you consume, the more acetaldehyde is produced. Drinking less and over longer periods of time will limit the effects of Asian Glow. Similarly, drinking lower alcohol content beverages, like beer, will dampen the effects when compared to drinking spirits like vodka or whiskey. Drinking a lot of alcohol in a short period of time will spike acetaldehyde to very high concentrations, bringing on some of the worst symptoms of Asian Glow, like nausea. Have you ever noticed that you experience more intense Asian Glow symptoms on consecutive nights of drinking? This also goes back to NAD. When we drink the night before, we use up our NAD when breaking down alcohol and acetaldehyde. The next night, our NAD supply is already depleted, and we will have a more difficult time breaking down acetaldehyde.

Takeaway: To fight Asian Glow, drink lower alcohol content beverages over longer periods of time and avoid drinking on consecutive nights.

What not to do.

Taking antacid products before drinking can be dangerous. To learn more about why this should be avoided, visit here.

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