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Press Release - Delta Nutrassentials Launches Essential AD2

Press Release - Delta Nutrassentials Launches Essential AD2

Delta Nutrassentials Launches Essential AD2 to Reduce Acetaldehyde Accumulation in 1 Billion People Globally Who Suffer from ALDH2 Deficiency and Asian Flush


Delta Nutrassentials today announced the launch of Essential AD2, the first daily nutrassential health product designed to alleviate acetaldehyde accumulation in people with ALDH2 Deficiency. Approximately 1 billion people worldwide have ALDH2 Deficiency, a genetic enzyme mutation that inhibits the efficient breakdown of acetaldehyde, a Group 1 toxic carcinogen. Acetaldehyde enters the human body through everyday environmental sources, including alcohol consumption, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and food and sugars. Acetaldehyde is the most common air pollutant, with indoor and outdoor levels often far beyond the recommended EPA allowance.


The main indicator that a person has ALDH2 Deficiency is the presence of Alcohol Flush Reaction when drinking alcohol. Around 40% of East Asians experience a flushing redness of the skin and other unpleasant symptoms as acetaldehyde rapidly accumulates in the bloodstream due to their slow-functioning ALDH2 enzyme.


“Essential AD2 is the first clinically-tested, proven daily supplement that alleviates acetaldehyde accumulation in people who have ALDH2 Deficiency. Acetaldehyde accumulation can be a serious problem for the ALDH2 Deficient population. We are excited to introduce Essential AD2, which was designed specifically to improve the health of ALDH2 Deficient people worldwide by reducing acetaldehyde accumulation in the body,” said Amy Chang, CEO of Delta Nutrassentials.


Dr. Ken Fujioka, MD, Director of the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center in La Jolla, California at the Scripps Clinic and Scientific Advisor of Delta Nutrassentials added, “In our modern world, our bodies are constantly being exposed to acetaldehyde through alcohol, food and diet, air pollution and cigarette smoking. Acetaldehyde accumulation can cause damage and inflammation, especially in those who are ALDH2 Deficient. Even at low concentrations, continuous exposure can have serious long term health implications, such as double the rates of various gastrointestinal cancers and triple the rates of liver cirrhosis.”


Essential AD2 is a dietary supplement that addresses ALDH2 Deficiency by improving metabolic activity. Essential AD2’s patent-pending formula represents a special concentration of natural ingredients Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. FDA. The proprietary blend enables the body to target acetaldehyde breakdown in two ways: (1) by increasing the activity of the ALDH2 Deficient enzyme to improve the natural breakdown of the acetaldehyde, and (2) by directly counteracting the acetaldehyde toxin. Essential AD2’s efficacy in reducing acetaldehyde accumulation during alcohol consumption has been demonstrated through third party, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research.


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Based in Nevada, Delta Nutrassentials’ products provide an everyday path to realigning our health to greater balance and harmony. Our modern lifestyle and environment are disrupting our health, and longevity begins with a desire to restore our bodies to their natural state of well-being. Our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. using high quality, safe ingredients and processes aligned with the FDA’s CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices). For more information, visit www.deltanutra.com.


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